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Black American men's chances of ending up in the prison system.

ART certified

ART (Areola Restorative Tattoo) is an elite team of artists who produce the highest quality nipple restoration work in the industry. 


ART mentors tattoo artists around the world and works with local surgeons and insurance companies to put an end to the poor quality nipple tattooing currently being offered.

We help provide the healing that comes from feeling whole and confident. 


You deserve the most realistic areola tattoos possible.

Survivors first


Meet Mary Rae

Areola restoration artist


Trained by the founder of ART, Mary Rae is an expert at achieving lasting realism when working with compromised skin.

She uses the Pink Ribbon Series of pigments by World Famous Ink, the world's first permanent pigments designed specifically for areola tattooing that's vegan and the safest pigment for cancer survivors to have in their body.


Case studies

Bilateral mastectomy

This client had diep flap surgery so we recreated realistic areolas that compliment her natural undertones, skin tone and breast size.

Areola touch up

This client already had an areola tattoo from another tattoo artist, but needed a touch up to even out the color and add a few more realistic details. 

Practice, practice, practice

ART requires all of it's artists to never stop practicing. We must know how to draw realistic areolas before we can even practice on fake skin, let alone survivors. 


Try it out first


Nipples come in all different shapes and sizes and temporary nipple tattoos allow our clients to find the right fit.


ART created the world's first realistic temporary nipple tattoo option for survivors as an emotional aid while they wait to decide if permanent ink is right for them.


Take the first step



and all

ART created the world's first practice skin to represent real skin imperfections and damage, in colors that represent all ethnicities.

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